Because He first showed us great compassion.

Day #9

I find it hard not to just copy and paste today’s devotional into this post and just calling it a day. Today’s post is so straight forward and true, as I was reading I couldn’t help but constantly say “Amen!” it is great seeing all the work Jarrid Wilson has put into these devotions and how each one accesses a different part of you. I pray that as I continue to write these devotional posts that I too can access a different part of you, perhaps to help you reconnect to the Lord, to connect to the Lord for the first time, or even to help you see where you lie before the Lord.

“Jesus’ message has never changed. And to anyone who has never felt the warmth of compassion, His voice is calling out, wherever you might be.” Jarrid Wilson

Like the quote says, “wherever you might be” it doesn’t matter if you are a new believer or if you have been following the Lord all your life. Jesus’ message hasn’t changed and never will change. It will remain to be the same for eternity and while we are still here on earth He is calling out for us to draw near to Him, to seek His righteousness, His love, and His compassion. What does compassion mean to you? Does it mean love? Does it mean to care about someone? I believe that compassion is shown perfectly to us when Jesus came to earth and died for our sins. He showed great compassion towards us for taking on all of our sins: not just one or two, not just small or big, but all our sins. If we truly understand that Jesus died for our sins and rose again three days later,  I think that we can begin to see His compassion in use in our lives.

“He wishes to take hold of your pain and shower you with unfathomable love and grace. He speaks with a voice of compassion and understanding. He will lift you from the lowest of lows and bring light to your darkened soul. He died for all our mistakes, and He brings healing to all of our wounds.” Jarrid Wilson

This remains true in our daily lives. We are constantly lavished with an immeasurable amount of love and grace. Praise God for the new mercies, love and grace He showers us with everyday. This another great example of how God shows compassion towards us.

He is always there in our times of sorrow, depression and doubt. He will always lift us up and put us back on our feet when we fall and stumble before Him. We can never truly understand the amount of love and grace that is given to us. We don’t deserve any of it. We deserve an eternity in hell for all that we have done in our sinful nature. Simply because we pursue our own fleshly desires and don’t pursue Christ, but even with all that we have done to God He continues to lavish us with His grace and show us His compassion towards us. We need to be truly grateful for these things, and not take them for granted. I encourage you to focus more on Christ and not your past. Surrender to His calling and be obedient in all that you do.

I want to close this devotional post by saying that we will never understand the love God has for us. We will never comprehend the amount of compassion He has towards us. But if we seek Him in all that we do and if we draw closer to Him, we can begin to see all of His love and compassion work through our works onto others that are around us. Share His love with others.


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