“5 Things” – Part 1

5 Things Days #1-5

To go along with the “30 Words Devotional” Series on the blog I have decided to do a mini series called “5 Things”.  After every 5 posts there will be a “5 Things” post and it will consist of things that I have learned along the journey of writing each of the previous posts.

  1. Take a leap of faith. Step off my comfortable boat and step into being uncomfortable and vulnerable. Faith is belief in action, so if I am going to believe in Jesus as my Lord I must have faith that He is. Faith is a key part in knowing our salvation.
  2. All my worldly possessions have no place in Heaven. If I worship them and place them above God I will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Stop trying to replace something that is irreplaceable, God.
  3. God is the ultimate provider in our lives! He provides us with everything we could ever ask for. Three examples in the Bible where Jesus provides for others can be found in; Luke 9:10-17, Luke 14:1-6, and Mathew 15:30. A lot of Christians are only focused on obtaining the things that they want instead of being content with the fact that God will provide for their every need.
  4. We cannot live partially obedient to God, either all or nothing. Partial obedience is disobedience. To many “Christians” in our society are lukewarm in their faith; we need more “Christians” to be hot in their faith and not afraid to share their faith with others. We are either obedient to God or we are disobedient, there is no middle ground. Repenting to the Lord shows our obedience to Him.
  5. We want change but are afraid to be the one to step out and be the change. Again, we are not called to be lukewarm in our faith. We need to step out of our comfort zones and be the change we want to see. God has called us to be separate from this world, for if we are of this world we will not inherit the Kingdom.

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