Just as good, if not better.

Day #2

I want to start out this post by asking you a question; this question may lead to more questions to come. The question I want to ask is; what things are you placing more importance on instead of God? It is a relatively simple question, but it can be hard to really come to a conclusion on what things are more important in your life other than God.

People are constantly replacing God with things like money and fame. When we do that we are taking our focus off of God and off of His plan for our life. Instead of pursuing Him and what He has called us to do; we are pursuing our selfish desires and in some ways making us our own god. We think sometimes that the more money we have the happier we will be or that the more fame I have the better off I will be. Sorry to break it to you but such things will do nothing for you and you will not inherit the Kingdom if you continue on living like that. God is irreplaceable so stop replacing Him with things that will pass with time.

“Although money, jobs, titles, and successes aren’t necessarily bad things, when they start becoming our source of worth, they have become a worthless attempt in replacing the fulfillment of God – the only true fulfillment.” – Jarrid Wilson

This quote perfectly describes the point I am trying to make. We are to find our worth in God and not in the earthly possessions that we have. August Burns Red says the same thing through a song they wrote entitled The Truth of a Liar. I first heard this song in high school and in English class we were talking about this exact topic. I shared the song with my teacher and she was surprised that the music I listened to had such powerful lyrics.

The song says, “All that you loved, all that you treasure, will pass with time.”

I soon began to listen to this song more and more and from doing so I began to change how I looked at life. I began to see that yeah it might be nice to have these things but if they aren’t going with me when I die, then why make a big deal about them.

As a follower of Jesus, I want to push you to pursue Him in all that you do. If you think that you have been slacking in your faith and feel distant from God, I want to encourage you to refocus your life to be pointed toward the Cross. God is waiting with open arms for you to come to Him, so go to Him and don’t try to replace Him with things that will only briefly satisfy you. When we are in God all of our needs are fulfilled and we are completely satisfied, but when we are apart from Him we cant seem to find the same satisfaction. We try to fill a void that can only be filled by Jesus Christ, nothing else.


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