It’s time to step off the boat.

30 Words & SAJIYH

As the New Year has begun I have decided to start a devotional that I went through last year but instead of just reading it and forgetting about it I have decided to write a short post about it. I encourage you to go out and get this devotional.

Day 1: Faith.

Something that stuck out while I was reading was when Jarrid says “our culture has deemed ‘just have faith’ as the answer to just about every problem that does not have a clear solution.” After reading that I remember another article that I read in the Charisma Magazine; the article was about prayer. Now you may be asking why am I talking about prayer now and the answer is because along with just have faith another phrase that our culture tends to use a lot of is I’ll keep you in my prayers. It was a very good article but as I sit here writing this now I ask myself why do we as a culture do this? I think that we do it so that we look good in front of others. If we do it just to look good then we are doing it for the wrong reasons. As a Christian when I tell someone they are in my prayers or that I am praying for them, I mean it. I am not trying to look good in front of anyone. I am doing what I have been called to do, be a light in the darkness.

As I continued on reading todays devotion I thought of what I have been reading in J.D. Greear’s book Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart. Through out Greear’s book there are different themes that have surfaced as I read these themes are faith, belief, repentance, etc. When it comes to faith I think Greear writes it well by saying “Faith cannot rest in the good works it produces. Faith cannot rest in itself. Faith that looks anywhere else but Christ will find not assurance but incessant doubt.” I think this ties in perfectly to what is being said in the devotional.

“Ultimately, hearing the Word initiates faith; speaking the Word activates faith; doing the Word demonstrates faith.” – Jarrid Wilson

Bringing this to a close I just want to question you, what is faith? Where does your faith lie when you think about Jesus? I think we, as Christians, need to start understanding what true Biblical faith is. When was that last time someone had the faith like Peter did in Matthew 14? It is time to step up and to step out of our boat. We need to get away from being comfortable and become vulnerable and uncomfortable. How can we go and do the work of God if we stay in our boats? We need to get uncomfortable and live with true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

*Again, I encourage you to go out and get this devotional and follow along as I write more posts about this devotional. Below are links to both books mentioned above.*

30 Words Book

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart


4 responses to “It’s time to step off the boat.

  1. Praise God for faith in His Son Jesus Christ Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling. God bless you:)

  2. Amen! Thank you for such kind words. God bless you as well.

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