God moves in mysterious ways.

Sometimes I go through some patches in life where I sometimes feel distant from God or that I don’t feel His presence. I think when we lack in our prayer life and our devotions then this may happen to us. I also think that many of us go through things like this. Well even in these times God is moving and doing great things.

I want to share two stories with you and how God was moving in them.

Story #1

A couple days ago I was watching a sermon online from my church, this sermon was from a couple months ago but I heard great things about it so I decided to go watch it. Throughout the sermon the pastor was preaching on evangelism and how when we are in conversation with others we don’t just throw our religion down their thoughts but instead we ask if we can share some things with them. We ask them, we don’t force them. The message was very powerful and caused me to think a lot. Then at one point in the sermon the pastor was talking about visiting colleges and one of them he visited was Antioch. He shared some stories from visiting and then he closed the sermon. After watching the sermon I felt the urge to back and read my bible, pick up where I left off in 2 Timothy. Can you guess what I read? Here is what I read, 2 Timothy 3:11 “persecutions, sufferings-what kinds of things happened to me in Antioch, Iconium and Lystra, the persecutions I endured. Yet the Lord rescued me from all of them.”

When I read this part of 2 Timothy my jaw dropped and was just in awe of God. I think it is in times of dry seasons in our life when we feel distant from God that he is actually very close to us.

Story #2

In the past week or so I have finished a book entitled Open by Craig Gross (I will be writing a review for it soon) and I have started a new book entitled Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart by J.D. GreearI am loving this book by Greear so far and it has a lot of truth buried in the text. You can really see how God is using Greear to talk to the readers. Anyways, onto my second story on how God is always moving.

Last night I was reading a chapter of Greear’s book and while I was reading I was listening to worship music by Tim Timmons. The music was very soothing while I was spending time with God and reading literature inspired by Him. I got to a point in the book where it was talking about assurance in God as a child, as a bride and as a friend. As I was reading the end of the chapter Greear shares something that caught my eyes. He is speaking about 1 John 5:13 & 1 John 5:10-12 and he says;

In these verses, John identified two components of assurance: Belief in a testimony about eternal life and evidences of eternal life at work in us. (Greear 24)

Greear also shares that the simple word believe is written 90 times in the Gospel of John. When I read this I was at a point in a song called Christ In Me by Tim Timmons where it says “And what, what if I believed in Your power//And I really lived it//What, what if I believed Christ in me//What if I believed”. At this point I am speechless. God was using a song in the background to emphasis something to me, that we don’t need to do anything special that all He has asked for of us is to believe.

These are just somethings I really wanted to share with everyone about how God is always moving. No matter where you are in life, if you are in a season of doubt or questioning where God is just know that He is always moving in and through us. My prayer for you is that you lean on Him in times of need, that you seek His righteousness and seek Him in your daily lives. God loves you and is calling you closer to Him. God bless you!


3 responses to “God moves in mysterious ways.

  1. Good reminder that God is always moving!

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