God Hears. God Remembers. God Sees. God Knows. God Responds.

Sometimes I begin to question myself whether God can hear my prayers or if He listens to them when He can hear them. My question usually is something like God do you care or can you hear me? Often what comes next is am I worthy enough for what He generously gives? The fact of the matter is that God does in fact hear our prayers, He does listen, He does see our struggles and He knows our pain.

Today (09/22/13) at church the pastor was speaking on this exact topic and listening to I surrender by Hillsong Live has placed this topic back on my mind. It is often something that is going through my head . Yet, today all of this came together in one simple message brought to me at church out of the book of Exodus. Not to often do I see pastors use passages from the Old Testament but it is something I enjoyed experiencing today.

The pastor spoke on Exodus 2:23-25 & 3:7-8. We dissected the passage and then began to connect it to other passages in the bible. Usually I am oblivious and don’t see what is clearly written in front of me and today was one of those kind of days. I needed the pastor’s help in guiding me to understand what was being taught.

There are five things that are to be taken from this passage: first God Hears “And God heard their groaning”, second God Remembers “and God remembered…”, third God Sees “God saw the people of Israel”, fourth God Knows “and God knew.”, and lastly God Responds “Then the LORD said, ‘I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their suffers, and I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians…”

Just something to keep I mind! God hears you, God remembers always, God sees you, God knows you, and He responds to you. Some food for thought as you go throughout the rest of your day and start the weekend.


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