The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

Have you ever meditated before? Often times when I think about meditation I think of monks and other eastern cultures. But have you ever actually meditated and spent time with God?

I am sitting at the lakefront after reading the book entitled “Gospel-centered Discipleship”. The book was a great read and really allows a new look and understanding to our relationships with others and with God.

After reading the book I felt the urge to go down and just meditate and spend time with God. As I did, I found myself in continual conversation and prayer with my Heavenly Father.

As I sit here, there is a storm sweeping in over the lake; the smell of the rain is so potent that you know it is coming soon. I once disliked storms, but now I love them because the rain-washes things away. In a sense, it is the closest thing we have to God’s grace in a physical sense. Rain refreshes and replenishes living things in the same way that God refreshes our lives through His word and His son Jesus.

Watching storms come in is something unlike anything else ever experienced. You get to see the power of our God at work. There is a constant sense of wonder during a storm. I also find a. sense of wonder in my daily walk with God. I think every Christian has a sense of wonder as we go through life. When we begin to understand more about the Gospel, that sense of wonder begins to become a sense of understanding.

The thunder is roaring in the distance and there is a calmness here. It reminds me of the saying, “the calm before the storm.” It is amazing how calm things get right before the storm hits. Be thankful for the storms that come into your life, for it is then that God will mold you into the creation He has called you to be. It is then that you will see a clearer picture and understanding of who God is.


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