Patience young padawan it’s a virtue!

Patience Young Padawan

I am called to be…patient.

As I am sitting here looking over the blog and the feedback we have gotten lately I find myself a little upset. I am upset because I am impatient and just want the results I have imagined the blog would get. But like most things it may not be God’s plan for me to get these results right away! This is one reason I am called to be patient.

When something doesn’t go as planned, I am impatient, and become aggravated and angry right away. The Lord has been helping me with this recently. As I grow closer to Him and become more patient, I am also trying to be slow to anger. Months ago, I may have had the mind set that I can do it all on my own; that being patient and slow to anger aren’t things that God could fix or work on, but as I sit here now, I can affirm that it is quite the opposite. We need God in our daily lives; we need His help and His guidance.

Without God in our daily lives we give into the world and what it has to offer. When we give into the world and the worldly things we give up on God. It is like we put God on the “back burner” and when we need Him we bring him to the front. That shouldn’t be the case we should be striving to allow God to be working in our lives every second of everyday. Lets stop being selfish and lets become selfless.

God gives us the wisdom we need to get through our day. He gives us the strength we need to move on. It says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” Gods’ word is the truth; when we are in need and when we are weak he gives us the strength we need.

A common patience test that most of us struggle with on a daily basis is slow drivers. Don’t you just love those who go 5-10 mph under the speed limit? Or better yet, when you need to get some place fast?

We live in such a fast pace society where we want answers to our questions now now now…well guess what?! God may or may not answer your questions now. It is all in His hands, His timing. We need to be patient.

If God doesn’t answer your questions or prayers don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up. Just realize that God is at work every second of the day and carry on with your life. Keep asking and praying and God will answer you when the time is right.

If you’ve struggled with being patient and slow to anger like I have in the past, I encourage you to ask the Lord to give you strength in these areas of your life. When you feel the urge coming on that you are about to blow up in someone’s face, I encourage you to turn away, pray, and ask God for the strength that is promised in Philippians 4:13! This is why I am called to be…patient.


P.S. if you are wondering why Yoda is in the picture to go with this post it is simply because I am a Star Wars fan and when I think of patience I always think of when Yoda says it!


2 responses to “Patience young padawan it’s a virtue!

  1. I truly appreciate you posting this work. I do look forward to more of this type of content as it is very engaging to read.

  2. Sorry for the late response. But thank you for your comment, be sure to check out the most recent posts and give feedback on them as well!

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