Just a simple post…

Hey everyone,

Today’s topic was going to be forgiveness and why I am called to be forgiving. But, there is a couple problems with this…First, I had a good chunk of it done and I guess it didn’t save. And second, I don’t have all my resources accessible. (because I am 34,000 ft. In the air)

So, instead of doing a normal blog post I’ll write about my past week. You may be wondering why is he in the air? Well, to answer that question I was on vacation. Now, you may be asking where did you go? And again, to answer that question I spent my birthday in Utah and the rest of the week in the beautiful rocky state of Colorado.

Note: I apologize in advance if any of the places I list are wrong or misnamed, I am going off of memory :p

This trip was simply amazing. I got to spend time with my two best friends, my parents. And in addition to that I got to witness the beauty that my God has created. Although Utah was flat, and hot! They have some amazing National Parks, I went to the Arches National Park on my birthday. It was about 100 degrees but it was well worth it! If you ever get the chance to travel out west I recommend to go to Colorado!

So, on the subject of the beautiful state of Colorado I’ll give you some insight on what I did and where I went. We traveled to Aspen and visited the most photographed mountain. It’s name is Maroon Bells, it is located in the White River National Forest. The main reason it is the most photographed mountain is because how easy it is to get to.

I stayed in a valley and the area is known as Bear Creek where the hotel is located. We used our sweet ride (Ford Edge) to get around and see all the places around. One place I completely fell in love with and wish I lived in was a little village called Vail. It reminds me of a little European town that you would see in the movies! So while there we got to take part in a weekly farmers market, where I got to take plenty of pictures as well as sample some amazing food…yummy in my tummy. Just thinking about the food I seem to become hungry and craving it…crap! Now I a,m hungry /:

One of the places I bugged my parents to visit all week was Celestial Seasonings. The best part is they have free tours of the factory. My motto: if it is free, it is for me. Because after all I am a broke college student. But, anyways if you are in Boulder definitely check this place out! It is the only one in the world that makes the signature Celestial Teas, Herbal Teas/Infusions. I didn’t realize hot much I knew about tea until I went on the tour aka I am a nerd(;

There is so much that we did in Colorado but I’m drawing a blank…one thing I do remember we did yesterday. I had the opportunity to visit Woodward at Copper. Which if you don’t know, it is a skate park. They also have skiing and snowboarding. I took plenty of pictures there as well as bought some souvenir Woodward sunglasses!

Well, that is all for now folks! I’ll post again when I remember more.

God Bless you all!

“All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” (John 6:37 NIV)


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